Hurricanes Vs Tornadoes Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered whether hurricanes or tornadoes are worse? Which one is more dangerous? Does one of them have stronger winds than the other? Using sources, answers have been found to all of these questions and more. There are several points on both sides of the argument that could make it difficult to make a decision about which is worse, but it will be clear by the end.

To start the argument, we will begin with tornadoes. Tornadoes are generally located in the central part of the U.S. but can also touch the ground in other countries. According to Source 2, Central U.S.A. is mainly flat, allowing about 1,300 tornadoes hit this area of the U.S. per year and, because of this, about 500 million dollars is used to repair damage.
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Tornadoes form on land while hurricanes form on the ocean. Hurricanes can be a few hundred miles wide while tornadoes are a few hundred feet to 2 miles at most. That makes the area hit much larger for a hurricane, therefore, causing 15 billion dollars in damage for about 5 for them when there are 1,300 tornadoes only costing the U.S. roughly 500 million dollars. The larger of the 2 has an eye that can be 15 miles from one side to the other while tornadoes, the smaller of the 2, doesn't. The lesser of the 2 can go 300 miles per hour while hurricanes can't push 30 miles an hour, obviously meaning they travel much slower.

However, even though there are so many differences, these 2 also have similarities. Both involve high speed winds that can topple houses and destroy cars. In the state of Texas, the air and water allow this state to frequently have hurricanes and tornadoes. When these natural disasters happen, they almost always bring rain, if not a storm, with them. With us being in the northern hemisphere, both hurricanes and tornadoes rotate counterclockwise. Both give you lots of time to prepare. So, even though there are more differences, these are some of the
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