Hurry! The Book Police Are Coming!

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Censorship of books is a very controversial and frequently debated topic. Many teachers, parents, and school boards believe that they need to censor books in order to keep children away from profanity, sex, and immorality books which are considered offensive and vulgar. However, many of these people do not see that, by censoring books, important life lessons are being left out of the formative years which will have a negative effect on children as they, inevitably, come in contact with these situations anyway. By censoring literature in schools, students become stunted in their ability to understand social issues and talk about them maturely, for if they only read the sugarcoated and “appropriate” books, they will not be able to understand the “real world” as it is: offensive and vulgar. Censorship has spun out of control in the past few years. Nowadays any book dubbed as too political, sexual, socially offensive, or irreligious is automatically put on the chopping block and deemed as unfit for young readers (Towner). How can this level of censorship be advantageous? How can this level of censorship ultimately advance the education of our students? Contrary to much belief, censorship does not need to be completely exonerated; however, it does need to be less severe, and critics need to be more thoughtful and selective in the books that they ban. Clearly, some literature is not suitable for high school students; however, they may be set aside to be taught at a higher level

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