Hurston Both Pack Quite A Punch. Each Of The Stories Have

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Hurston both pack quite a punch. Each of the stories have deep meaning behind them, and they end in impactful ways. Native Son is a book that mainly focuses on a communistic message that Richard Wright is subtly trying to get across. I say the message is subtle because Wright does not bombard readers with communistic values. The pamphlets that a communist named Jan Erlone gives the book’s protagonist Bigger Thomas are not even revealed for their worth. What Wright is trying to do, rather, is not only critiquing obviously racist whites, but also whites that are seemingly more liberal and supporting of Blacks. Meanwhile, Their Eyes Were Watching God is a book that largely focuses on the personal life of the protagonist Janie and how she…show more content…
I would argue, however, that Bigger always detested whites treating him like a nobody and after accidentally killing Mary Dalton, he began being more open about he he feels since he had little to lose. Anyway, Bryant’s main argument is that the white world does not see Bigger, and this is one of Bigger’s biggest fears. Indeed, when they accuse him of rape, this takes away the subjectivity that would have been associated with him had he simply been called a murderer. In addition to making Bigger seem less than human by labeling him as a rapist, the authorities do not think that Bigger is intelligent enough to carry out a murder as complex as Mary Dalton’s. All this goes to show that Bigger is a symbol that whites have used as an excuse to discriminate against Blacks, and who Bigger is as a person is not something that really matters. The reason Bigger has negative feelings towards all Whites for the majority of the book is because they only see his skin color. We also see Bigger express his negative feelings of fear and anger towards whites when he interacts with his friends. Bigger, G.H., Jack, and Gus are all scared to rob Blum’s store because the storeowner is white and they know they are less likely to get away with it compared to the countless times they robbed Black owned facilities. This is a very important

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