Hurt Bae Video Analysis

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"I would go through his phone and I would see, text messages or pictures of girls ,"(Hurt bae). This is a line from the viral video Hurt Bae. It involves an exes confront the reason why they broke up. The video was release on YouTube on February 15,2017 by the channel, the Scene, and it has received over five million views in the past three weeks. Because of the advancement of technology, the video was able to connect so many people who go through infidelity break ups every day and show the effects it can have on people after the breakup.
We currently live in a technological word where everything and anything is technology. Technology has gradually improved over the years and now we are able to discover and do unimaginable things like look
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In the essay, "The Postive Effects of Technology on Teaching and Learning," Costley states how technology provides a way for students to experience hands on learning in many courses. Also, he explains how technology help students how technology provides a way for students to interact with one another resulting in peer learning. Peer learning helps many students because many may not understand material the way the teacher teaches it. Websites like Khan Academy and Cool Math help students learn different ways to learn a subject. Technology provides a way for students to learn materials in different ways along with sharing it with…show more content…
Social Media allows people to communicate with each other from all over the world and share entertaining content. Social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. Magliano report that the most common technological tool among people is social media. The study done by Magliano, reported 86% of people use Facebook, 70% use Instagram, and 60% used Twitter. People tend to get so caught up with technology they start to get separated from the real world. In the essay "Liking is for Cowards," Franzen discuss how people, including himself, get so attached to their technology. He also talks about how people on the internet are doing some many things to be likeable. They tend to put on a persona and go to extreme lengths just to be liked. Some even get so caught up in wanting to be liked, they begin to lose who they really are (145). The common technological tool, social media has introduced many more dangers to the world. Some of the dangers included internet scamming, online predators and cyberbullying. In Magliano study, he gathered information about the amount of people who have experience cyberbullying on social media, 38% of people experienced cyberbullying on Facebook, 45% on Twitter and !3% on Instagram. Many people especially teen who are active on social media and are cyberbullied fall into depression. Some even take their own lives
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