Hurt Locker and Ptsd

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The Hurt Locker and PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that runs through our military system and is often vastly overlooked. It is a little-known mental health problem that is poorly understood. It can be traced back to the times of the Civil War and has been given names like shell-shocked syndrome, PTSD, soldier's heart, and combat fatigue. A soldier who has experienced combat or military exposure of any level of severity can be susceptible to this anxiety disorder and its symptoms. The Hollywood film The Hurt Locker, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, depicts the American soldier’s battles with PTSD and shows how drastic its effects can be. There is a whole other world between life on the battlefield and life on the
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After viewing scenes involving Specialist Eldridge it is easy to sympathize with veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Not only experiencing but also reliving these events takes such a toll on the human mind that everyday life becomes a living nightmare (ShelfLifeTV). If the face of Owen Eldridge was on an accused suspect’s file, it’d be difficult not to feel it wasn’t his fault.
Another main character from The Hurt Locker who shows a connection with this political discourse is Sergeant William James. He is the main focus of the movie and is hated but respected by almost everyone. He is the badass of the film who does everything his own way, without help from anyone else, and gets the needed results. He is portrayed as the "perfect soldier” because he shows no weakness and puts his life on the line even when he does not have to. There were only a few scenes in the film where he shows any sign of emotion, one of which was when he saw a familiar boy lying dead on a table. The boy had a bomb wired through the internal organs of his body and James thought it was the boy he played soccer with at base camp. James was hurt by this incident because he was so fond of the boy and saw that he was tortured and killed. Even though nothing would come of it, James dismantled the bomb that was wired inside the
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