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Hurt: The Most Unexpected Way
Hurt has two meanings: physical pain or injury, psychological, or emotional pain. A pioneer in suicidology, Edwin S. Shneidman, described hurt as “how much you hurt as a human being. It is mental suffering; mental torment. "I was at least thirteen years old when I first got hurt not physically but mentally, emotionally, psychologically. The type of hurt that no girl at that age would ever think they would ever feel, especially from the person it came from. Honestly one would have thought that getting physically hurt would have felt less painful. I will now try to remember and tell my first time getting “HURT.”
It was the weekend, a Saturday I believe. The sun was out and shining. I was being the selfless, loving thirteen-year-old girl smiling at everything that came my way. It was midday, I had accompanied my mother to go and drop off my little sister, at Rancho Cucamonga which is where my cousin Elizabeth lived. My sister was going to with my
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That is the most painful kind of hurt that exist, how much I wish it would've been physical pain, emotional, mental, and psychological pain last longer. Today I am a sixteen-year-old girl who is about to be 17 in five days, still hurting who’s only birthday wish is to see her dad again and feel loved by the first man who broke her heart. I need this to relieve all hurt from my heart and be able to achieve my dreams with both of my parent’s support. It’s not a healthy thing to be hurt emotionally, mentally, or psychologically it builds on people. It can become stress, anger or like what I have anxiety. Hurt, people can experience hurt in different ways; physical, mental,emotional or psychological. Trust me when I say this it’s better to get hurt physical because the pain doesn’t last as long and is not as harsh. Who knew that sunny normal day would be the day a thirteen-year-old girl would finally live the other definition of getting
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