Hurtigruten Research Paper

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The History of Hurtigruten By Jeff Paulett May 12, 2009 Today, many people can be thankful for the dream many years ago of a Norwegian Sea Captain named Richard With. Before he realized his vision of operating a year round steam ship service linking the north and south of Norway, any plans by others to travel to these remote areas was all but impossible. Even the local governance of the time was a skeptical of Richard With's idea. The Governor at that time is said to have noted to his associates, "Is this Captain a dreamer, or can travel of this sort really be possible?". Of course, today everyone is now aware that such a thing is very possible, but when this idea was put forward late in the 19th century technology and comforts of the Industrial…show more content…
He was able to secure a contract initially to deliver mail to the isolated, remote communities. However, it soon became apparent that more than mail could be shipped there. Because of his forward thinking and bravery, these communities could now enjoy other goods such as food, supplies and other luxuries previously only enjoyed by cities in the South. His fleet became known as the Coastal Express. Today the citizens of Norway recognize the historic value of this service and most Norwegians are quick to defend Hurtigruten and fight to keep its heritage alive no matter what the cost. Richard With is considered a local visionary and hero whose foresight and forbearance helped to forge a tradition in Norwegian seafaring. Today, people who sail on a Hurtigruten vessel can traverse history by embarking on a voyage that in the past would have been impossible. The rugged coast of Norway provides passengers with a chance to enjoy the magnificent and scenic "Norwegian Magic". Visitors will not only be treated to a rare show of hospitality, but they will be able to relish in a tradition and culture that will leave a positive impression for years to
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