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Natural disaster threats accompany people practically everywhere and often people are unaware of the fact that one day the disaster may strike and change their life drastically, such as the ones that can occur in Huskietown. In such a situation, it is important to get prepared for potential disasters and know how to act and behave in different situations. To make it clearer, it is necessary to have a clear plan of action in case of a disaster and, what is not less important, it is necessary to clearly understand what real natural disasters can really occur in the given area. In such a way, it is obvious that in order to come prepared to a disaster it is necessary to know as much information about the disaster itself, its effects
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For any natural disaster such as flood or tornado, any sort of communication with the outside world will be quite difficult because even the most advanced means of communication will not work if the flood/tornado destroys the major infrastructure of Huskietown. Furthermore, the evacuation of students may be quite problematic because vehicles, will be useless in the case of the flood and tornado and in the case of a shooter or chemical hazard students would be ask to stay in their living areas. Therefore, students will have little opportunities to leave the area in a short period of time, neither they will be able to receive an immediate help. This means that the supply of essential products, such as food, clean water, and even some medicine that may be needed if some students are injured, will be highly problematic in cases of these disasters. In such a situation, it is obvious that students should get prepared for the disaster beforehand, in order to survive and live on their own for a few days with the in the case of a flood, and know how to evacuate to safety in situations involving tornados, shooters, chemical…show more content…
Also, it is necessary to develop procedures to minimize the negative effects of these disasters. Furthermore, students should be trained, given the knowledge and they should know how to act in case of a disaster that means the introduction of a special course which could prepare them to react accordingly. At any moment a disaster such as a tornado, flood, shooting, chemical hazard can strike and in order to prevent it from happening, people need to have knowledge and prepared for these situations. Proper authorities will need to respond and assist where need be and provide proper guidelines. And if worse comes to worse and the disaster strikes, restoring the community of Huskietown will be the first order of business with the help from surrounding communities and

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