Huswifery Edward Taylor Analysis

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“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” ― Roman Payne
Roman Payne, a well known American writer realizes that in order for one's life to excel one must surrender their lives to make it greater than it ever was before. In a similar way Edward Taylor felt that the same was true for your holy beliefs. In “Huswifery”, Edward Taylor conveys how Christians must surrender themselves to God to be transformed by the teachings of his holy word which is seen through the yarn, the process, and the final product. Taylor demonstrates a willingness to offer his whole being to God because he desires to be wrapped in the robe of God’s glory. Taylor’s display of yarn in “Huswifery” plays a significant
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First off, while talking about his thoughts Taylor claims, “My words, and actions, that their shine may fill my ways with glory and thee glorify”(Taylor 101). Taylor’s life has been influenced tremendously by God and he expresses his desire to share the glory of God through his teachings. In this way, he is also hopeful that he will be able to glorify God’s word in the process. Secondly, when explaining the meaning of his apparel, Taylor writes “Then mine apparel Shall display before ye that I am clothed in holy robes for glory” (Taylor 101). Taylor has shown that his training is complete and has been made new into an excellent christian. His transformation to being able to spread the teachings of the holy Lord exemplifies that he is complete. Finally, for the final step of the process, he notes “Then dye the same in heavenly colors. All pinked with varnished flowers of paradise”(Taylor 101). However the Lord decided to make him, he would've turned out amazing because nothing the Lord could ever create could be anything less than amazing. As Taylor considers the possibilities of how God could have created him, his attention still lies with the beautiful robe that God has created. With the Lord’s teachings coming to an end, the yarn has finally been turned into an amazing piece of
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