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___________________________________________________________________ Name: Abhishek Deshpande Email ID: Date: 11/02/2011 ___________________________________________________________________ Assignment No.-5(TSMG5340) (Huawei-Cisco’s Chinese Challenger) 1. Describe the challenges, opportunities and threats faced by Huawei as it ventured into international markets? Ans The challenges faced by Huawei as it ventured into international markets was: * Whether Huawei can replicate its low-end telecom networking success in its high-end technology products and services. * Manufacturing was another challenge faced by Huawei as it became more centralize to decrease unit costs and increase production…show more content…
* It provides telecommunications operators with equipment to build and operate networks as well as consulting and engineering services to improve operational efficiencies. * Due to introduction of digital telephony, product lines proliferated and country specific operations were integrated into single, global organizations. * It built extensive product lines through third party contracts, original equipment manufacturer and other partnership agreements. * It is the dominant supplier of digital switches and routers in China and constituted 90% of market in mobile network equipment. * Another competitive advantage is the inexpensive and highly qualified R&D workforce. * The international sales went up to about 60%. * Huawei is capable of delivering customized and innovative solutions. 4. Can these competitive advantages be sustained? Ans * Yes the competitive advantages can be sustained by a proper and strategical approach. * Huawei needs to stop patent-mining and reverse engineering and implement some innovative ideas and try to be largest telecom equipment maker. * Huawei can also find some security solutions to fight with the infringement of source codes and other confidential data. * Huawei can sustain these advantages by periodically upgrading the network and the infrastructure according to the technological advances. * Huawei should

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