Huy Jet Blue Essay

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Case 3: Jet Blue 1. What are key forces in the general and industry environments that affect JetBlue’s choice of strategy? Key forces that affect JetBlue's choice are, for the low-cost airline industry, new entrants with more commercial experience might be the central issue. Sometimes, global forces are driving the way competitiveness is established in the low-cost airline industry such as the rising oil prices which are forcing some of the airlines to increase their charges. Understanding and being in touch with the environment of any organization is critical to being able to function as an ever-changing organization. Many of the forces for change an organization experiences arise in the external environment. These come from…show more content…
3. What are the components of JetBlue’s competitive advantage, and what are the merits and demerits of these components? The value chain analysis has been widely used as a means of describing the activities within and around an organization, and relating them to an assessment of the competitive strength of an organization. The two basic steps of identifying separate activities and assessing the value added from each were linked to an analysis of an organization’s competitive advantage. Their components include the change in aircraft, flexibility in price, going public, and improving customer services. Their merits are they have increase in sales, assets. Jetblue has also expanded their organization. They are also very well know for quality service. Their are many customers want to go back because of customer services. JetBlue made some dramatic approaches which defined customer service to a new level. The use of “above humane” strategies has helped the company add value to their marketing efforts and has also made it easier for them to attract new customers and retain others. The use of technology and the Internet has provided new avenues for reducing marketing and sales costs. Their demerits are, the reservation system was not expanded enough to meet the extreme customer call volume. Customers sometimes did not have the option of using airport kiosks to rebook
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