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Sample Assignment

Read Case Study 3.1, Hy Dairies, on pages 85 and 86 in your textbook, and answer Discussion Questions 1–3 on your own before checking the suggested answers below.

Suggested Answers to Case 3.1

1. Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong here.

It may seem that this case involves stereotyping—specifically, that Syd Gilman has stereotyped Rochelle Beauport. In fact, there is no apparent evidence of this stereotyping. From all accounts, Gilman is sincere in assigning Beauport to the marketing research coordinator job. He seems to be providing—or believes that he is providing—a good career opportunity for further advancement. If stereotyping exists in this
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76–77) may seem to be a relevant perceptual concept in this case. However, SFP occurs when the supervisor’s expectations about an employee influence the employee to act in a way that is consistent with the supervisor’s initial expectations. Gilman’s initial expectations seem to be positive about Beauport, yet the eventual behaviour is that she is thinking of quitting.

Note: Concepts from other chapters are relevant to this case. These include equity theory (Chapter 5) and exit-voice-loyalty-neglect (Chapter 4). 3. What can organizations do to minimize misperceptions in these types of situations?

The clearest answer to this question is to improve mutual understanding. Syd Gilman needs to understand and be more sensitive to Rochelle Beauport’s past, and vice versa. Beauport might discover that Gilman was once the marketing research coordinator and had profited from the experience. Gilman could find out that Beauport had experienced blatant gender discrimination with her previous employer and that staff jobs (such as marketing research coordinator) are not always valued. This recommendation relates to the Johari Window (McShane & Steen, 2012, pp. 79–80); both parties need to increase the “open” window area.

In addition to gaining mutual understanding, both parties should become aware of the perceptual process and the opportunities for perceptual errors in that process. By being knowledgeable of social identity theory distortions,

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