Hyatt Brand Analysis Essay

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Hyatt Corporate Brand Study:

An Analytical Look at the Strategic Management of the Hyatt Brand


Marina Kovalenko

Sapna Mangal

HMI 407


Table of Contents

Abstract 2
Vision, Mission, and Values 3
Internal Analysis 4 Resource Based: 4 Value Chain Model: 6 Generic Building Blocks: 6
External Analysis 8 Five Force Model: 8 Macro Environmental Forces: 8
Competition and Industry Analysis 10 Life Cycle: 10 Industry Structure: 10
SWOT Analysis 11 Strengths: 11 Weakness: 11 Opportunity: 12 Threats: 12
Functional Level Strategies 13
Business Level Strategies 13 Competitive Positioning: 13 Customer Needs: 14
Corporate Level Strategies 15 Vertical/Horizon Strategies: 15
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Alzheimer sufferers in the skilled nursing units. This program in now accommodating almost 5000 senior citizens where the residents can receive Hyatt’s hospitality expertise and special privileges (Tran Kim Thuyen, 2009). The CCRC projects set an example of the industry and displayed innovation, social responsibly, and leadership. Other departments in which Hyatt emphasizes leadership are human resources and the management style that is practices on a global scare. Hyatt is proud to encourage, coach, and nurture employees via empowerment. “...Future leaders need to listen, have clarity of purpose, and be authentic”, Mark Hoplamazian, the CEO of Hyatt Hotels, tells Wharton Magazine, “One key essential element in being in a position to lead is being a great listener, and applying yourself to it in a very sincere way” (Wharton, 2012). Hyatt continues to listen to both employees and guests, as they target new market segments. As of March 2013, Hyatt has launched the Hyatt Has It campaign. Focusing on the needs of lone, female travelers Hyatt has identified a new market segment and has tailored to the needs of women based on years of feedback and research. There is no better, more customized experience for women than the one that Hyatt offers, thanks to the Hyatt Has It campaign (Hyatt, Hyatt Has It, 2013).

Value Chain Model:

The Hyatt value chain begins with the associates. As previously stated, the Hyatt brand has a unique
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