Hybrid Cars: A Blessing or a Curse?

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Hybrid cars is a curse or a blessing I have always been interested in cars. Since my childhood I had the wish to know the mechanism of how cars work; so that I can build my own cars and eventually create and design my own brand. Due to the new revolution in car industry my interest in cars has gone even higher than before because these new revolution cars are environment friendly. This new revolution has been brought to the car industry by the introduction of hybrid cars because of the high fuel consumption and the increasing pollution; this is the best alternative despite the low performance and high maintenance cost, hybrid cars will overtake the conventional cars soon. Hybrid cars are the transportation of the future. A hybrid vehicle…show more content…
The fourth one and the last one in the list of hybrid car is mild hybrid car. This is the only hybrid car which is debated that it is not a hybrid car. In a mild hybrid, the electric component does not drive the vehicle at all; it only reduces the dependency on the gasoline engine and allows it to stop and start more quickly. The ABCs of a hybrid car are pretty easy, but the twist comes with comparing them to all gasoline cars. The main feature of a hybrid car is the engine. Until this era, the cars had just one engine which runs with gasoline; but know these hybrid cars have two engines, one is electric engine and the other is gasoline engine. These two engines of the hybrid car work as a gang, if electric engine needs help the gasoline engine will help the electric engine. The gasoline engine helps by charging the electric engine if it runs out of battery. This is how the hybrid car engine saves money on gas, and this process is environmental healthy. This process produces itsy-bitsy amount of harmful gases which is why this process is environmentally friendly. In General, a hybrid car has a gas mileage of forty eight miles per gallon in city and sixty miles per gallon on highway. Hybrid cars are extremely, enormously, and tremendously gas efficient cars compared to the one and only gasoline powered engine cars. Hybrid car weight is lighter than the gasoline powered engine cars. One of the reason which
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