Hybrid Cars

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Topic: Hybrid Cars

General Purpose: To orally present information by sharing, defining, or explaining.

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that hybrid vehicles are an environmentally sensitive and affordable for almost anyone.

Central Idea: Hybrid cars have several advantages over conventional cars.


I. Here is an alarming statistic: According to the website GreenerCars.com, the United States is the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that causes global warming (Open with impact/Gain attention).

II. By clapping your hands, how many of you are as shocked as I was to learn this information? (Poll the audience/Respond).

II. There are
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Other Pollutants 1. Water & Noise pollution
2. Solid waste – 7 billion pounds of scrap metal and approx. 800 million tires are stockpiled in dumps around the US; fire and environmental hazards 3. Wildlife – Humane Society estimates around 1 million animals die on US roads EVERY DAY 4. Air pollution – can cause acute respiratory problems, impair the body’s immune system, increase the risk of cancer-related death, and contribute to birth defects 5. Water and air pollution compromises growth of agriculture C. Hybrid vs. Non-hybrid emissions
1. As stated on GreenerCars.com, American cars and light trucks alone account for more fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions than the total nationwide emissions of all but four other countries in the world. 2. The quantity of CO2 emitted is proportional to the amount of fuel consumed. When a vehicle burns less gas per mile, it produces less pollution. Hybrid vehicles have the potential to decrease CO2 gas emissions by one-third to one-half. According to hybrid-car.org, hybrids can produce 80% less harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases than comparable gas cars, which leads to a cleaner earth. For example, the Toyota Prius reduces normal tailpipe emissions by up to 90% and greenhouse gas emission by 50%.

Transition: Now that you know why hybrid cars are better for our environment my second main

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