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1 Introduction A healthy and prosperous society is based on a healthy and prosperous economy. And during the last century, following the economic growth, the social networks expansion and the geographic dispersion of economic activities, transport became the spinal column of commercial and industrial interaction. The capacity of individuals as well as firms to exchange goods and services became crucial not only for economic purposes but also for better life quality. Unfortunately, the drawback effects of transport have an important impact on the natural and human environments on one hand, and on the growing fuel consumption accompanying the current oil crisis on another hand. Fossil fuel combustion associated to urban transport…show more content…
Hybrid cars may also be called gas-electric hybrids. Some examples of current hybrid cars include the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid (HCH), and the Honda Insight. Due to their special use of technology, hybrid cars receive much higher gas mileage than the average U.S. vehicle. In fact, hybrid cars hold the top spots for fuel economy in their respective categories: two-seaters, compact cars and mid size cars. Generally, hybridizing a vehicle means adding an alternative propulsion component and a storage device to the conventional drive train and fuel tank. Many types of propulsion and storage devices have been investigated, such as electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical flywheels. Being able to capture braking energy and store it, in order to reuse it when needed, is a very beneficial feature especially in heavy duty applications, due to large mass associated with them, and so reusing significant amounts of braking energy. The electro-chemical storage battery was the primary choice of automotive hybrid power train designers, but since the power that flows through the hybrid assisting system can be very high in heavy duty vehicles cases, hydro-pneumatic propulsion and storage components became very attractive for that kind of application,

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