Hybrid Cuckoo Abc Algorithm For Optimistic Job Scheduling

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Hybrid Cuckoo ABC Algorithm for optimistic job scheduling in Heterogeneous Computing Systems

Amit Chhabra1, Harwinder Kaur2

1 Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
Punjab, India Harwindersaini16@gmail.com, Amit.cse@gndu.ac.in

Abstract Cloud Computing is now extremely popular because of its wide variety of Applications through internet. The particular service based approaches which are aware from the server selection through the cloud can easily progress toward the cost and performance of cloud computing. In This paper hybrid ACO and Cuckoo is studied. The particular limitation of ACO is that it Converges at low rate in the preliminary phases and needs more energy and time to converge. This takes place due to wrong choice of initial probable parameter. The cost also increases because of merging and pruning of the internet service decomposition. In order to eliminate this problem a new energy efficient scheduling, a new hybrid Cuckoo Artificial bee colony optimization algorithm for cloud computing environment is proposed in this paper.The comparison between deterministic scheduling techniques and meta heu-ristic scheduling techniques is also done on the basis of various parameters i.e. mean Flow Time ,Makespan and mean waiting time.

Keywords: Job Scheduling, Artificial bee colony(ABC), Cuckoo Search, Ant Col-ony Optimization(ACO) .

1 Introduction

Progresses in web innovations have encouraged the relocation of conventional desktop applications to the…
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