Hybrid Proposal

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Date: March 11th, 2012 To: From: Subject: Proposal to Research Alternative Energy in Vehicles I have received your RFP and have written up a proposal based on the requirements you have listed. This proposal outlines the research I would like to continue regarding the feasibility of alternative energy sources in vehicles, particularly in hybrid vehicles. I have included a summary of the topic, a description of the graphics I plan to use, deadlines that will be met, costs involved, and an outline for the report. I am quite eager to research this topic more and appreciate you taking the time to read through this proposal. If you need to get a hold of me, you can reach me at bpryan@ualberta.ca. Attached: “Proposal:…show more content…
Figures of different hybrid models will also be included as well as a table comparing the costs of various hybrids to traditionally fuelled cars. This will help the audience get a sense of the price ranges for hybrid vehicles before they go out and decide to buy one. Finally, a table dealing with the performance specs of hybrids will be added to emphasize certain limitations with these models. Qualifications Here is a list of my qualifications to write this report: * Currently have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0 * Lots of experience writing essays * Very good internet research skills * Nearly done a course in technical writing * Strongly value the idea of making our environment more sustainable * Motivated to learn more and write about greener energy in vehicles Budget The following costs have determined based on a price of $100 per hour of writing and an approximate writing time of 3 hrs per page. Editing and graphics will cost $50 per hour and it will take about 1 hour for 5 pages. Cost of coffee, donuts, and lunch will also be included. The numbers are listed below: Research/Writing (3 hr/pg @ $100/hr) $300/pg Editing/Graphics (1 hr/5 pgs @ $50/hr) $10/pg Coffee, Donuts and Lunch $300 Total (based on 8 pages of writing) $2780 If there are any problems or errors in my research paper, I will be glad to revise and edit them at no extra
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