Hybrid Vs. Electric Cars

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Hybrid vs. Electric
When hearing the words gas, hybrid and electric, people automatically think of automobiles.. [this is a very clunky opening—rewrite it—I think people do know those are the three main types of cars…]
People buy hybrid or electric cars because they either want to save money on gas or they want to be able to help the environment with their vehicles. One of the most popular hybrid vehicles in the United States is the Toyota Prius, which, compared to a normal gas powered car, has great mileage and reduced fuel emissions. The popularity of the Tesla Model S--a fully electrically powered car--has recently skyrocketed due to the increase in gas prices. Hybrid technology powered cars, such as the Toyota Prius, are better for the environment than fully electric powered vehicles, such as Tesla’s Model S, because of the emissions created by the electricity that powers the vehicle.
The gas powered vehicle has been a problem for the environment since the day it was created. These vehicles emit greenhouse gasses that are detrimental towards the environment. Nearly one fifth of the United States total fuel emissions come from gas powered cars. In 2012 transportation contributed with 28% of total greenhouse emissions in the United States. One of the greenhouse gasses that cars emit is Carbon Dioxide. What greenhouse gases including Carbon Dioxide do is trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere leading to the atmospheric temperature rising. Global warming causes disastrous
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