Hybridizing the Social Wrongs and Destruction of Nature

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Many symbolisms and themes have stood out in the Caribbean texts discussed in class. Many common themes have even been connected between the different short stories and one of these themes is what I want to discuss in my prospectus. What I find interesting is the reoccurring use of nature and environment symbolism used in Caribbean literature. Therefore I will discuss this theme’s meaning in my eyes and as well as the interpretation from other readers. I will be using the text of Erzulie by Pauline Melville to support this reoccurring theme. An analysis of Pauline Melville’s Erzulie reveals a significant challenge that indigenous people faced, social righteousness. Melville’s story helps establish a new connection by exploring the social wrongs of the time and beauty of the Guyana country destroyed by colonialism. After researching Melville’s work in scholarly databases only a few articles on the topic were found. Other analysis of the story discussed that there is an “emotional connection with the homeland” and how authors like Melville express this in their writing (Pyne-Timothy pg1). Also discussed in scholarly articles is the corruption in the society and that there is economic and political chaos (Pyne-Timothy pg1). After reading the few papers that have been published with reference to Melville’s work are great, but don’t use the symbolism of Erzulie to its full potential. Hopefully I can write a paper that will use this symbolism to its highest potential. To

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