Hydraulic Fracking : The Oil Industry

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Hydraulic Fracturing The oil industry in the United States is booming. However, not all oil or natural gasses are available by drilling. There are some oils and gasses trapped inside shale rock. To access these gases, a process called Hydraulic Fracturing, informally known as fracking, was invented. Hydraulic Fracking “is a controversial oil and gas extraction technique developed in the late 1940s to gain access to fossil energy deposits previously inaccessible to drilling operations. The process…literally involves the smashing of rock with millions of gallons of water- along with sand and an undisclosed assortment of chemicals in order to bring gas to the surface. (serc-carelton.edu).” This process combines water, sand, and chemicals…show more content…
Hydraulic Fracturing allows for the United States to gain energy independence. Much in thanks to shale oil and gas, the US has been able to rely less heavily on foreign oil. Extracting oil for the United States in the U.S., allows for cheaper gas prices. By gaining energy independence, the country “spends far less on cheaper, domestically, generated power, [and] the money would go primarily to US-owned energy producers (BBC.org).” Energy independence, in addition to benefiting the economy, would help the United States out politically. The country has rocky relations with many of the Middle Eastern countries that produce a large amount of energy resources. Independence would help to sever some of these ties. In an article from Forbes Magazine the author speculated that, “ The Unites States will soon be the world’s largest oil producer, thanks to innovative new extraction technologies [such as fracking] that have revitalized previously dormant wells and also led to a shale gas and oil boom that has galvanized into action a series of once sleepy communities across the upper Great Plains, Texas and beyond. Given such resources, we no longer have to fund our enemies (Forbes.com).” Although economically fracking is a positive thing, there are many disadvantages to the process. Some of these disadvantaged to Hydraulic Fracturing are water contamination, methane and air pollution, and
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