Hydraulic Fracturing And Fracking : A Controversial Topic Across The Globe

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Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking, as it more commonly known, is a very controversial topic across the globe. In the United States, its status remains the same. Hydraulic fracturing is a method of oil and natural gas production. The process includes the drilling of pipes 1-1.5 miles within the earth. After that pipe is secured and has an impermeable layer around the pipe, a tool that creates small holes within the impermeable layer is sent down through the pipe. It creates holes in the pipe that allows pressurized water and sand to flow out of the pipe and into small cracks, or creating new cracks within the earth. These cracks are held open with the sand that is carried along with the pressurized water. After all cracks have been created or exposed, the pressure is released. The water and eventually the sought after product of natural gas or oil flows through the pipes and to the surface where it is stored and taken to be refined and distributed. It is important to know the process of this oil production strategy to fully understand why this is such a controversial issue. There are two main arguments in is new production method of oil production. One being in strong opposition to this specific drilling strategy, and the other being in complete support of fracking. The reasons that these two arguments are formed are because of the environmental effects that fracking might have on a local area, the economic impact that this kind of drilling can have on a local economy, and

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