Hydraulic Fracturing And The Natural Gas Industry

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Environmental Science- Hydraulic Fracturing
Hydraulic fracturing is a verified as well as well-regulated technology that was first used during the 1940s. Hydraulic fracturing has opened enormous new supplies of oil along with clean-burning natural gas that is from the dense deposits of shale. These supplies enhance the energy security of the U.S. and improve the nation’s ability to generate electricity for generations to come. Hydraulic Fracturing has been utilized in at least one million wells in the U.S., and it has securely produced at least seven billion oil barrels as well as natural gas that is about 600 trillion cubic feet (Gallegos & Varela 13). Hydraulic fracturing has a wide array of benefits that range from
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Engineering and surveying, construction, hospitality, construction, equipment manufacturing as well as environmental permitting are only a percentage of the professions encountering the positive gradually expanding influences of expanding oil in addition to natural gas shale improvement. Gallegos & Varela asserts that “a few critiques of oil and natural gas generation assert that Hydraulic Fracturing has critical environmental results. The fact of the matter is, while all advancement has challenges, Hydraulic Fracturing innovation has numerous environmental benefits and it is utilized under close supervision by state and government authorities” (26). Studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Ground Water Protection Council have affirmed that there is no immediate connection between Hydraulic Fracturing activities and groundwater contamination.
Economic Benefits
Proper hydraulic fracturing is not only safe, but it has hugely contributed towards low natural gas prices for the customers. Case in point, new revelations of profound shale common gas joined with progressively inventive hydraulic fracturing systems, for example, horizontal drilling, have added to natural gas costs declining from about $12 in
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