Hydraulic Fracturing For Natural Gas And Oil Production

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Sandra Ezidiegwu Policy Paper Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas and Oil Production Abstract Hydraulic fracturing is a technology that has been in use in the oil and natural gas industry for many years dating back to 1947 producing over six hundred trillion cubic feet of natural gas and over seven billion barrels of oil. In today’s world, further steps have been taken by merging horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in an effort to increase productivity of natural gas and oil. In the US economy today, the increasing implementation of this merger of technologies has brought about energy security, economic growth and plenty of jobs and also many conflicts about its environmental effects as well as its effects on the community…show more content…
Clearly, this is an issue that needs to be addressed in order to create peace of mind and preserve a safe source of energy security. Table of Contents ABSTRACT 0 MAIN BODY 2 MYTHS & FINDINGS 4 POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS 5 CONCLUSION 9 REFERENCES 10 Main Body On a federal level, governing the process of hydraulic fracturing in the natural gas and oil industry are a collaboration of three agencies, the department of energy (DOE), the department of the interior (DOI) and the environmental protection agency (EPA) , which various legislative acts and policies authorize standards under. In addition, States are free to regulate hydraulic fracturing as they see fit, with the exception that state regulations must meet the minimum requirements of any applicable federal regulations. With each agency having a different core competence from the other, the joint association of the three provides a solid support to safer practicing of hydraulic fracturing. This approach to oil and gas industry regulations has led to varying levels of complexity in the regulatory process encountered by companies in different states. The current acts related to hydraulic fracturing include: i. The Natural Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), which assures that all branches of the government give proper consideration to the environment prior to the undertaking of actions that have
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