Hydraulic Fracturing Essay

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What is Hydraulic Fracturing

Contrary to popular belief’s Hydraulic Fracturing is not a drilling process .It is the series of steps that are used after the drilling of hole in the ground is completed to create or restore small fractures or opening in the reservoir rock formation .These small fractures or opening in the reservoir are mainly used to extract –petroleum, natural gas ( such as shale gas , tight gas , and coal seam) ,water And natural substances This process was first used in 1947 to stimulate flow of natural gas from the Hugoton field in Kansas , however it was only 51 years later in 1998 that the modern fracturing technology also known as HORIZONTAL SLICKWATER FRACTURING made possible the extraction of shale gas .
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Although Hydraulic Fracturing is a very costly process in it self , the revenue it generates is much higher than it’s cost , which makes it attractive to business opportunists without having a concern of it’s reflection on the environment . Following are some of the examples of the firm’s that do engage in Hydraulic Fracturing

* REGENESIS * BAVER resources GmbH * Ion science ltd * JRW Bioremedial * Platinum energy solutions

The natural goal of any industry or firm is to economically extract petroleum and gas to meet the energy demand of the nation and world . However in order to minimize the negative externalities involved in deriving the natural gas they try on keep the focus of the government on the positive impact on the economical environment created by them .There was a data analysis that was provided by a Pennsylvania firm to New York State Department to strengthen their argument of the necessity of this process which stated the no of employement this industry has provided and total annual revenue it generates .

The Environment Protection Agencies’ release of it’s draft “Investigation Of Ground Water Contamination near Pavilion Wyoming” has brought much attention to the potential risk Hydraulic Fracturing poses to groundwater resources .To help understand

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