Essay on Hydraulic Fracturing and Natural Gas

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Introduction Natural gas to power vehicles and machinery has been a big approach that the United States government has made in order to further the advancement of being environmentally green friendly. Burning of natural gas is not as bad as burning real fossil fuel gas which is for that natural gas is the same gas that is used in house for heating, laundry drying, and also cooking. It is the gas that disperses and diminishes faster than original gas. Original gas causes global warming more when natural gas for that natural gas produces no harmful fumes such as carbon monoxide. For some of these vehicle brands have created NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) like Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC are some of the vehicle that burn natural gas.…show more content…
But out of all of that there is a few problems when it comes to fracturing gas in the United States as well as other countries which includes the following: The government from all this has made environmental and legal issues on the topic of hydraulic fracturing, there are also some countries that permits the fracturing of natural gas but not all for the danger it can cause, there is regulations that are also in the rule of the country and the US for fracturing, there is also the relation of how it can affect the energy needs in certain places of the US, and the opinion of the hydraulic fracturing laws and regulations to be put in what place. From here we commence with the discussion of the problems shown above. Analysis In the first problem shown there has been the problem of environmental and legal issues in the topic of hydraulic fracturing. It has become a problem when residents who live around the sites of natural gas production starts to notice something that goes wrong with their water. It starts off being clean water then the worst was yet to happen. It turned yellow and black in the matter of days. Residents started to get worried even some start to feel sick in their bodies. “The EPA” ("Regulation of hydraulic," 2014) because of this cause have created a “Safe Drinking Water Act” ("Regulation of hydraulic," 2014) which provides their standards and commences their best possible way to say that the water that people drink
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