Hydraulic Jump

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Laboratory Report for Sluice Gate and Hydraulic Jump Introduction. In this lab exercise we were supposed to analyse the Hydraulic jump through the Sluice gate, and to discuss about the energy displacement through that process. Hydraulic jump is known as the change flow which changes from the supercritical flow to the sub-critical flow, this change occurs due to the loss turbulence in an open tunnel. In basic terms this happens when there is a sudden rise in the water levels, due to the change that takes places when the velocity deceases. In reality different types of hydraulics jumps are made to match the human needs. The gate that controls the amount of water flowing through an open channel is known as the Sluice Gate. This…show more content…
Errors that may have occurred during this exercise there could many different reason to get errors in the readings , the error which we have encountered and the assumptions made for calculations. Human errors might have taken place when using the vernier calliper and the meter ruler. That the channel had a rectangular prismatic section. The energy loss at the sluice gate was negligible, but there will be some energy loss. The readings may vary where the hydraulic jump started,this might differ due to the flow rate. Friction that takes place on the flow of water was neglected. Health and Safety. Also in this lab experiment the health and safety issue was considered quite important because we were dealing with water and electricity as shown in the apparatus. Safety around the rotating machinery was considered, to prevent any emergences these machinery was covered. The appropriate procedures were followed when the wire ring was done in the surrounding, mainly because there was water being used. The safety of the ground was also considered and was covered in concrete, there for electricity will stop travelling. And the instruction on health and safety which was displayed on the lab should be followed. Conclusion. The main purpose of this experiment was to learn about the Hydraulic jump and the of Sluice gate. Plus this gave us opportunity to important calculations on specific energy, froude numbers and many more. Even though there
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