Hydro And Thermal Power Infrastructure

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issues and challenges facing the organization. These include: Rehabilitation of hydro and thermal power infrastructure currently in bad shape to increase capacity, maintenance of gas pipelines -pigging and address the issue of lack of gas supply. New equipment should be purchased to replace the old or obsoletes and the issue of lack of spare parts should also be addressed. Increase the security measure at grid structure to avoid vandalization of power towers and check mate the activities of staff to avoid illegal electricity connections and other form of corruption. Bureaucracy leading to loss of time in spare parts acquisition should be avoided. Implication of Findings for the society The implications of the above findings for the…show more content…
5.5 Limitations Due to the limited amount of studies done on strategic budgetary system as it relates to power infrastructure development in public sector in Nigeria, the survey used in this study was partially based on survey instruments adapted and some generated by the researcher. A number of questions used in the instrument were developed specifically to suite this dissertation. However, researchers undertaking studies in strategic budgetary system in the future would benefit from survey questions validated more specifically in the context of power sector infrastructure development. Furthermore, the answers from respondents also need to be understood in the context of public servants giving answers that they felt were expected rather than absolutely honest answers for fear of exposing important personal and government secrets. Lastly, in Nigeria public sector there is dearth of data for research. As a corollary, collection of data for this study was difficult especially in the past years during the military regime. 5.6 Recommendations Based on the research conducted in this dissertation, the study hereby makes the following recommendations in line with the nine hypotheses tested: First, the amount set aside in the development plans for infrastructure has direct relationship with the level and quality of projects to be executed. It is recommended that proper power planning should be made, since power
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