Essay on Hydro-electric Dams Are Not Eco-Friendly

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Everything runs with electricity and it is produced by dams. Hydro-electric dams are very important nowadays as they supply a lot electricity. Society believes that hydro- electric dams are not very useful in the creation of electricity. Hydro-electricity is electricity which is produced by water. Canada is ranked second out of the world in the production of hydro-electricity and the hydro-electric dams produce 60% of Canada's total energy. There are about 933 hydro-electricity dams in Canada. Quebec has the most of these dams, there are 333 hydro-electric dams in Quebec. Hydro-electric dams are not an environmentally responsible form of generating energy. The hydro electric dams will cause droughts and floods, increase global warming, and…show more content…
When there is no water to produce hydro-electricity there will millions of people without electricity. Therefore, the amount of droughts that are caused by hydro-electric dams prove that they are not environmentally responsible. Hydro-electric dams are not an environmentally responsible form of energy because they will cause massive floods. The La Grande dam project in Quebec has already flooded over about 10,000 square kilometres of area around the dam. The hydro-electric dams are producing large amounts of floods which are starting to cover large amounts of agriculture and forestry. It is has also been said that if there are more dams created in the area it will cover up to 41,285 squared kilometres of land. Finally, the hydro-electric dams are not an responsible form of energy due to the amounts of floods they can create. Hydro-electric dams are not an environmentally friendly form of producing energy because is will cause people to relocate. In Canada, there was a dam approved to be built in 1958 which caused over 6,500 people to relocate. Hydro-electric dams need large amounts of water in order for the dams to meet the electricity required. Therefore, they need large reservoirs. These big reservoirs and high amounts of water decreases the land area for people and animals to live in. In conclusion, hydro-electric dams are not an environmentally positive form of generating energy, it will cause people to relocate.
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