Hydrogen And Hydrogen As A Fuel

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Introduction Hydrogen is proven to be the most efficient furl because of its abundance and the production of harmless bi-products as compared fossil fuel. Despite the abundance in its natural existence, Hydrogen can also be obtained through processes such as the electrolysis of water and methanol steam conversion. Hydrogen as a fuel is capable of the replacement of most of the other sources of energy. However, Hydrogen faces numerous obstacles to its entry into the economy and the utilization by human beings. The technology to contain and manage hydrogen as a fuel is already present. However, the hindrances bar the launch of hydrogen as a basic fuel. The essay discusses the various obstacles to the hydrogen economy such as the market entry issues and issues related to policies. Thesis statement: The government-ownership of fossil fuel reservoirs and gas outlet companies is the main obstacle to the launch and adoption of the hydrogen economy. Background and history The use of hydrogen as a fuel requires the adoption of the fuel cells technology for their role in the reaction activity between hydrogen and hydrogen for the production of energy. The fuel cells convert more of their energy potential from the fuel source as compared to the regular gasoline fuels. The insignificance of the impact caused by the bi-products of such reactions makes it the much better option than the fossil fuels that face the threat of exhaustion. However, the adoption of hydrogen as the primary

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