Hydrogen And Its Effects On The Environment

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Hydrogen is the most popular on this list, there are many great things about hydrogen such as it is not harmful to the environment, hydrogen is actually very safe; this is because it uses a chemical process in the fuel cell to use the hydrogen as a fuel, it is much more efficient than gasoline power, and research has shown that hydrogen can actually clean the environment around them. Nonetheless hydrogen has some major problems such the fact that it is extremely expensive to pull hydrogen from water making it much more expensive than other renewable resources. Also the pollution created from making the fuel cells essentially cancels out the benefits of hydrogen. Experts state that “hydrogen that escapes during the production process could erode the ozone layer even further and exacerbate global warming.” (Watson) Researchers also need to find a way to store hydrogen as it highly flammable compared to gas, and in low density hydrogen has to be transferred under high pressure --- making the transport very bulky and impractical. (Watson) Biodiesel is essentially diesel that made from renewable resources. Biodiesel is not used very much in America, however in countries in Southeast Asian are embracing this alternative fuel source. Biodiesel can be made from a variety of biological organisms such as corn, grass, or fats. “Biodiesel has a net energy balance of 2.8, with a range of -0.27 to +5.3 based on different assumptions for how to assign energy usage and by-products.”
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