Hydrogen As A Fuel For Cars

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CONTENT 1. Title 2. Objective 3. Introduction 4. Fuel cell 5. Production of hydrogen. 6. Working of fuel car. 7. Procedures of working of fuel car. 8. Future scope. 9. Advantages of fuel cell car. 10. Drawbacks of fuel cell car. 11. Suitable for the society. 12. Conclusion , 13. Researched papers. 14. Reference . 1.Title My title is using of the hydrogen as a fuel for cars as a fuel cell method and also i analysis the advantages and disadvantages of the research. 2.Objective The objective of my research is to examine the hydrogen is used as a fuel for the cars and also is not environmentally pollutant it is safe and also the efficiency wise is good and also i carry out my research in briefly. 3.Introduction Now days due to population and technology improvement cars and automobiles is very important in their life but we use the cars and any other automobiles by petroleum fuel or gasoline but these are non renewable source of energy we use more than our need due to these there is loss of the petroleum source in the world to overcome these i researched the renewable source of energy fuels .In the world many renewable source of energy fuel is available like solar energy, wind energy ,etc but i researched different method is the by taking hydrogen from these energy and making these as a fuel for the cars. We can see the briefly of the research and making the it is sufficient to human beings or not. 4.Fuel

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