Hydrogen Fuel : Hydrogen Gas Fuel

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Nickolas Edmunds English Period 6 Mr. Schut 03-18-2016 Hydrogen Fuel Hydrogen fuel is one of two important elements found in water h2o. Hydrogen fuel also is currently being researched as a alternate fuel so were using less oil products. It is created from fossil fuels but can also be obtained from wind, solar, and nuclear power. As fetched as this seems hydrogen fuel may be the best viable option in the near future. Hydrogen nuclear plants are going to be a clean hydrogen fuel source. Also hydrogen fuel has been imagined for about 100 years or so people with the vision of this hydrogen fuel think its the new economy. When hydrogen is burned its the cleanest and outputs water transportation is looking good for us in the near future. There looking into better ways to make hydrogen but right now the only way they look at it nuclear plants do best. Every major car company is going to work on getting hydrogen-electric powered cars on the road. Hydrogen is released from a steam process from methane or natural gas. Cracking water for hydrogen takes 700 to 900 degrees. Also the economy will take decades to transition to hydrogen fuel. Solar power can create hydrogen fuel by two processes electrolysis and splitting water. Also high temperature thermochemical cycles they solar heat to make hydrogen by water splitting using thermochemical steps. Next photobiological these involve the making of hydrogen from living biological systems using sunlight. Also Certain algae
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