Hydrogen Fuel or Others Essay

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Hydrogen Fuel or Others It is stated in the article “Benefits of a Hydrogen Economy” in Hydrogen Future that if we use hydrogen as an energy source in the U.S.A, it could help address concerns about energy security, global climate change, and air quality. Hydrogen fuel cells appear to be an one important enabling technology for increasing energy savings and reducing global climate change; however, I suggest that much more research is needed before the nation becomes absorbed in developing the hydrogen economy. In addition to the hydrogen fuel cells, the nation should continue to investigate other technologies such as new generation diesel, hybrids and solar cells. At present these technologies have come to maturity to some degree.…show more content…
For that reason, it is likely that GHG emissions might not be reduced even if hydrogen fuel cells could be put to practical use. Moreover, another vulnerable point was mentioned in the article “Road to Hydrogen Cars May Not Be So Clean.” Hydrogen is a very leaky gas that could escape from cars and hydrogen plants into the atmosphere. Hydrogen that leaks into the atmosphere binds with oxygen molecules, forming vapor and clouds. This could lead to additional global warming according to Tim Patterson, a professor at Carlton University in Canada. He claims that the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere has the most significant influence on global temperature. And Catherine G. Padro, at Los Alamos National Laboratory, says that hydrogen can act as a kind of CFC, destroying part of the earth’s atmospheric ozone which shields us from cancer-causing solar radiation. At present, there are still a lot of problems which should be investigated in detail before we commit ourselves to the use of hydrogen fuel cells. On the other hand, hybrid petrol-electric cars such as the Toyota Prius are becoming increasingly popular. Compared with new American cars of the same size, the Prius consumes roughly half as much petrol, and so releases half as much carbon dioxide. Moreover, its emissions of smog-forming pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon, are 90% lower. These hybrid cars cut emissions and improve fuel economy by coupling a conventional

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