Hydrogen: Is it worth it? Essay

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Hydrogen, number one on the Periodic Table of elements, and the most common element on our planet Earth. It may come as a surprise to many, or maybe not at all, that hydrogen could be used as a form of fuel for things such as trucks and cars. It is no new news that Hydrogen can be used as a fuel, since it has been on rockets as they are pushed out of orbit. Now all we have to do is figure out a way to be able to use it in our everyday lives. The good thing about Hydrogen is that it can be used in internal combustion engines like the ones we use today with our gasoline-powered cars. Hydrogen has a high amount of energy in its chemical bond, liquid Hydrogen boils at –252.77 degrees Celsius, and has a density of 70.99 g/l. Because of these…show more content…
The electrons would flow out of the cell to be used as electrical energy and the ions would move through the electrolyte membrane to the cathode electrode where they would combine with oxygen to form water. Gasoline is a fossil fuel, meaning that once we use all of what we have, there will be no more. Not only that, but when we use gasoline in internal combustion engines, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere wouldn’t really be a big issue, we have trees, and trees breathe in the harmful gas and release breathable oxygen. The only problem is that lately we have been cutting down many of our trees and at the same time producing carbon dioxide at rates the trees can’t keep up with. This excess gas stays in our atmosphere and traps heat from the sun, consequently raising the overall temperature of our planet, you might know this phenomenon as Global Warming. The great thing about hydrogen is that it does not produce any harmful by-products, it comprises 75 percent of our atmosphere, and it is completely renewable. With a new and relatively unknown alternative fuel to the public, it is probable that it is cause for speculation. Although great for the environment, there are reasons why hydrogen is not easily available to your everyday consumer. First off, even though Hydrogen is has more energy than gasoline, it weighs less. Meaning you would need more to power your vehicle the same way a gasoline engine

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