Hydrology Personal Statement

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Coming fresh out of high school, earth sciences was never on my radar as a potential future career field. There were no earth science classes available at my schools from kindergarten to 12th grade; I was only briefly exposed to the idea of it during a Georgia history class in middle school. I entered college as a biology major, but subsequently went through the common stage of frantic major switching after I encountered organic chemistry. In the end, I settled with geology after conducting mildly extensive research on what the major entails, the broad range of career opportunities, and the job availability; however, having no exposure to anything earth science-related, whether it be classes, hiking, or camping, I was initially hesitant in pursuing unknown territory. Yet, after a year of geology courses, I attained a compelling fascination with the subject, and particularly with the water science/hydrogeology aspect of the field.
Collecting water samples, recording water quality, and measuring stream discharge and velocity at the Northern Unit of the J. Phil Campbell Sr. Research and Education Center and Tanyard Creek peeked my interest in
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An example government job would be to work for the United States Geological Society (USGS) as a hydrologic technician, or as a water resource specialist for a specific county or state government. I have contemplated attending graduate school for a masters in geology; however, I will postpone graduate school until I am fully committed to the idea of continuing in academia for two to three years. If I eventually accept this commitment, it would be well into my career as a hydrologist, and would most likely be to advance to a higher ranking or senior position at my

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