Hydropower Essay

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Hydropower is an effective renewable energy source used around the world. I had many questions about hydropower after I heard about it. How do they harness the energy in Hydro plants? What does the U.S. have to do with Hydropower? Where do they put the energy? I found out that Hydropower is a very interesting useful thing to learn. We use Hydropower all of the time in America and it’s a very green way to get energy. According to Hydro.org, "hydropower is accounted for 7% of U.S. electric generation" (FAQ, paragraph 11). Hydropower started with water mills hundreds of years ago. Then we invented dams with generators inside. Then we moved on to tidal energy and wave power. These are all big changes that helped the government in America…show more content…
It is now the world largest renewable energy resource. (Hydropower Energy Facts | Hydroelectric Power Facts, paragraph 4).
The idea of Hydropower was invented indeed by the Greeks but the actual Francis Turbine was invented by James B. Francis. The Francis Turbine is an efficient modern way to get hydroelectricity. "It is mostly used turbine all over the world as its efficiency is greater than all other turbines. There is an effective use of water pressure and velocity, it is now an American Standard Turbine and its efficiency is nearly 94%. "(Saipaven, paragraph 5).”The Francis Turbine has these components, a spiral casing, guide or say vanes, runner blades, and a draft tube"(Francis turbine, paragraph 3). "The river's original potential energy (which it has because it starts from high ground) is turned into kinetic energy when the water falls through a height. The kinetic energy in the moving water is converted into mechanical energy by a water turbine. The spinning water turbine drives a generator that turns the mechanical energy into electrical energy."(How Turbines Work| Impulse and Reaction Turbines, paragraph 7). Then once the energy has gone through the generator it is sent to electrical companies who give the houses or small businesses energy under the command of the government. (FAQ, paragraph 1).
The American government doesn’t control all of the hydropower plants
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