Hydropower Power : Hydroelectric Power

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Hydropower Did you know that approximately fifteen percent of the world’s electricity comes from hydroelectric power or that seven percent of the United States’ electricity comes from hydroelectric power? Hydroelectric power is one of the more well-known renewable sources of energy. Around the world, there are roughly 160 countries that have hydropower. Hydroelectric power comes from water; generating electricity from water is a process similar to coal power plants, though much cleaner. There are some difficulties with using hydropower, but the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. Hydropower is the most consistent source of renewable and sustainable energy. Hydroelectric power works very similar to coal power plants. Water spins a turbine and the turbine is connected to a generator. The generator stores the energy produced by the spinning turbine and sends it out as electricity. The difference is in how the water spins the turbine. In a coal power plant the water is heated so that it turns into steam and that spins the turbine. To make a hydroelectric plant it has to be built on a body of water. A dam is built on a river where water is constantly flowing. The dam stops the water from flowing so that when the gates open gravity pulls the water down and spins the turbine. The spinning turbine is connected to the generator and electricity flows from the generator to the city or homes the electricity is powering. Hydroelectric power is very consistent.
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