Hyflux: Strategy and Technology

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Technology Strategy of a Firm Case Study: Hyflux Company Profile Founded in 1989 by CEO, Ms. Olivia Lum, Hyflux’s initial business activities revolved around providing water treatment through purchase of traditional membrane technology(MT) from other companies. However through intensive research and development (R&D), Hyflux moved to designing, manufacturing and selling its own membranes. Today Hyflux is considered a leading regional player in the water treatment industry and ranked by Forbes Global Magazine as the World’s 200 Best Small Company in 2002. Hyflux Strategy Hyflux’s vision is ‘to be a world leading water treatment company.’ [1] Hyflux developed a 3 pronged approach to achieve its mission. This overarching modus operandi is…show more content…
Global Expansion Incrementalist Strategy Hyflux’s expansion philosophy is based on an incrementalist strategy. According to Mr. Soon, in 5 years, the company aims to ‘maintain Singapore, sustain China and grow Middle East.’ Accordingly to maintain focus, the company adopts an incremental expansion approach by having regular reviews and constant market analysis before expanding. This constant reassessment allows Hyflux to maintain market sensitivity and thus alter its objectives in reactively to stay ahead. Consequently through its business strategy of differentiation, alliance formation and incrementalist policies, Hyflux seeks to maintain market leadership while developing products that have unique attributes, quality, precision and time-to-market benefits. Technological Strategy Hyflux places a huge importance on its technology strategy. The CEO co-ordinates the overall technological efforts of the company and is thus the effective CTO. Recently, 4 directors of technology where emplaced to support the strategy in the following fields: a. Research b. Development c. QC/QA Special Projects d. Membrane Production Tech Strategy Niche player - Membrane Hyflux’s technology strategy is to be a niche player in the field of MT. This can be seen in Hyflux’s focused efforts in developing the technology. . First Mover As a niche player in MT, Hyflux is adopting the first-to-market strategy through constant development of new innovative

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