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PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MAYNILA (University of the City of Manila) Intramuros, Manila GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT CASE ANALYSIS: HYGEIA INTERNATIONAL In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in BUSINESS POLICY Submitted to: Prof. Valmores Submitted by: JAMES RODNEY R. ROMANA Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila) Graduate School of Management A. TITLE OF THE CASE: HYGEIA INTERNATIONAL B. POINT OR VIEW: Henry Livingston, Vice President of the Africa Middle East Region of Hygeia International C. TIME CONTEXT : 1980 D. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM What can Hygeia International do to create new revenue streams to take…show more content…
of white meat, more eggs, disease resistance, or other desired characteristics). * The company also has an expertise with the entire technology of operations in drugs for disease control and feed supplements for chicks. * The treasurer noted that the potential rate of return is well over hurdle rate | * Growing federal regulation in the US * Political unrest due to disunited tribal groups * Marketing channels have not sufficiently developed * The major bottleneck in Nigeria of a lack of trained human resources for the agricultural sector * Inflationary conditions may force government to impose price controls which will in effect impact profits | G. ASSUMPTIONS: None made H. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION 1. Venture into poultry production to increase company presence in Nigeria 2. Use poultry production as a sales promotion tool to increase profit 3. Focus on Hygeia’s core competency, which is pharmaceutical products for human consumption, and try to grow their business in Nigeria in that manner. I. ANALYSIS ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION | ADVANTAGES | DISADVANTAGES | 1. Venture into poultry production to increase company presence in Nigeria | * They have proven to have the capability to mass produce poultry * Addresses a clear need/problem in Nigeria and therefore can be
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