Hygeia International Case Analysis

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HYGEIA INTERNATIONAL Point of View: Henry Livingston, Vice President of the Africa Middle East Region of Hygeia International Time Context: 1980 Statement of the Problem: To determine whether to venture into poultry production, retain current business position, or to use poultry production as a sales promotion tool to increase profit Statement of the Objectives: * To determine the number of human resources needed for the company to be ready in venturing into poultry production in Nigeria in four weeks time * To analyze risks involved in poultry production in Nigeria in four weeks time * To determine historical data of sales growth within the past five years to project return of investment in the next five years Areas of…show more content…
EXTERNAL 1. Government Political risks such as revolution, confiscation, controls on repatriation of profits, arbitrary actions to promote diplomatic ends is a threat for the company for these may affect the operations of the company especially when the work force the company will hire are locals of Nigeria. The most important thing that the government should do is to unite three major tribal groups: The Hausa-Fullani in the north, Ibo in the east, and Yoruba in the west because there was a serious civil war occurred from 1967-1969 and also to promote peace and order in the country. Good thing about the government is that one facet of the national plan is to increase agricultural output and to increase substantially the supply of eggs and chicken so this is a great opportunity for Hygeia International to expand its business in poultry production in the country. 2. Competitors Like other large pharmaceutical firms, Hygeia has converted drugs designed for humans to use in farm animals. These competitors also have the two essential features which are drugs for disease control and feed supplements. The village society is unsuited to large scale agricultural technology. This is also an opportunity for Hygeia to start a large scale operation in poultry industry in Nigeria. 3. Customers There is a high potential demand for protein foods especially eggs and

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