Hymns to the Sun and Lieden’s Hymns Essay

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Hymns to the Sun and Lieden’s Hymns

The ancient Egyptians showed respect toward their rulers, but it was the sun gods whom they revered. Even Pharaoh Akhenaten wrote hymns of praise and glory to his Creator. All aspects of the Egyptians’ lives, including work, play, love and war, were devoted to the gods. No matter how much land was won, or how many riches were acquired, it was the deities that were valued the most.

Many peoples throughout time devote prayer and sacrifices to the ones they believe created them. The Egyptians were no exception, praising their gods for the awesomeness and purity of the life they created: “How various is the world you have created, / each thing mysterious,
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It was the sun that shone down upon lovers, worshippers, scholars and warriors. Sunlight brought life to nature: to the trees, the flowers, and the grassy fields. Without the sun, the Egyptians would not have been able to maintain the agriculture around which their society was centered. Everything followed the sun, for when the sun retired at the end of the day; so did the rest of the world. Therefore, it was only appropriate to give praise to the gods of light. Without them, the Egyptian culture would not have existed.

Similar to the Roman Catholic religion existing today, the Egyptian Hymns follow the four basic categories of prayer: gather, praise, thanksgiving, and petition. Akhenaten’s hymn was written of course by Pharaoh Akhenaten himself, and this in turn would bring together all people under his rule. For when the ruler makes a decree, everyone listens. The hymns were written with tremendous praise to the Creator, standing in awe of His power and glory: “You are the one God, / shining forth from your possible incarnations / as Aten, the Living Sun, / Revealed like a king in glory, risen in light, / now distant, now bending

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