Hyper Chaotic Systems

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HYPER CHAOTIC SYSTEM: Nowadays the application of the hyper chaotic system is becoming a hot topic in the field of chaos .The hyper chaos was first reported in Rossler 1949[].The dynamics of the system expand in more than one direction and generate a much more complex attractor compared with the chaotic system with only one positive Lyapunov exponent, which is observed in( Rech et al).It is characterized as sensitive to initial condition and control variables, pseudo randomness and ergodicity which meet the requirement of confusion and diffusion properties explained by Shannon[].As the hyper-chaos has two positive Lyapunov exponents, the prediction time of a hyper-chaotic system is shorter than that of a chaotic system[S. Yanchuk et al.,2001], as a result, it is safer than chaos in security algorithm.As the hyper-chaos has larger key spaces than chaos used in some previous work such as Refs. [2,3,20], is more secure against brute force attack Image encryption algorithm based on hyper chaos Focus on security issues: This section represents some of the previous works based on hyperchaotic system. The image encryption algorithm based on hyper chaos proposed by (Tiegang Gao et al.,2007) and image encryption based on improved hyper chaotic sequences introduced by (Congxu Zhu.,2011). The core idea of this image encryption scheme (Tiegang Gao et al.,2007) is based on total shuffling matrix using the Logistic map, and the substitution of the shuffled image with a keystream
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