Hyper Converged Infrastructure For Service Provider

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Hyper-converged Infrastructure for Service Provider

About Stratoscale (In the TOC Page)
Stratoscale is focused on leveraging technology to help IT teams, within the service provider, make better and more profitable usage of existing infrastructures. Service Provider data center requirements are growing at an ever-increasing pace. In response to this changing and challenging landscape, Stratoscale has built a hardware-agnostic hyper-converged software solution that facilitates scale-out, simplifies operations and allows your IT infrastructure to keep up with your, and your customers’, business growth.
Stratoscale provides a unique software-only platform that enables users to easily build private clouds quickly, efficiently and reliably on any x86 architecture. Stratoscale 's Hyper-converged Solution is at the center of this solution integrating traditional data center silos into a single pool of IT resources with a single click.

Executive summary

IT executives are beginning to adopt hyper-converged systems as an efficient way to increase their business agility. Enterprises are turning to integrated or hyper-converged solutions to get control of increasing operational inefficiencies and escalating costs. Enterprise IT organizations look to Service Providers for adoption of hyper-converged systems that support the growing on-demand service, business agility, IT staff productivity, operational efficiency and reduced capital costs. These…
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