Hyperexualization In The Media

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Is the hypersexualization of childhood truly detrimental to children and society? In the world today, children continue to passionately desire an older look at a younger age. Girls are taught to show skin and pose in sexual manners through the representation of women in media. They are also taught to use their bodies for the pleasure of men. In a similar way, the media shows boys that it is acceptable to utilize the body of a women as an object for his own enjoyment. Due to these frequent overly sexualized images in the media, children are taught from a young age to have a high tolerance for sexual images. In fact, around 80% of young boys access porn. Additionally, many young girls feel comfortable taking pictures of themselves in scanty clothes doing sexual poses due to this tolerance and a desire to stand out in a society where sexual imagery is common (Sext Up Kids). The oversexualization of childhood through sexualized products marketed to youth, the example set by young celebrities trying to transfer into adulthood, and the portrayal of characters in children’s films has negatively impacted the psychological characters of children and all people in society. One way in which childhood has been hypersexualized is through the marketing of sexualized products to young children, which has negative psychological impacts on children and society. Young girls are constantly inundated with advertisements for dolls that are overly sexualized. For example, girls frequently
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