Hypertension : High Blood Pressure Essay

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Many of my clients with high blood pressure take premium Omega-3 oils, and have reported benefits such as decrease in "spikes", normalized pressure readings and other cardiovascular beneficial effects. Hypertension is High Blood Pressure, and blood pressure is defined as: (from Wikipedia) "... the force exerted by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels, and constitutes one of the principal vital signs. The pressure of the circulating blood decreases as blood moves through arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and veins; the term blood pressure generally refers to arterial pressure, i.e., the pressure in the larger arteries, arteries being the blood vessels which take blood away from the heart." I just googled "stress and hypertension" and got back 2.6 million results. So there might be something to that as well. From The Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA states, "Stress can cause hypertension through repeated blood pressure elevations as well as by stimulation of the nervous system to produce large amounts of vasoconstricting hormones that increase blood pressure." So there is this mind body connection as well. We humans have to adapt to a fast paced, stimulating mental environment while we generally are becoming more and more sedentary in life style. If I were to recommend one thing to help the mind body connection part of the formula, it would be to begin a regular yoga practice. It seems somehow inane to me that I need to go to the gym several

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