Hypertension Management In Adults

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Hypertension Management in Adults: A Literature Review Paper
Norman Fletes
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Florida International University

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine through research hypertension in adults in the United States of America (USA) and England. Part A will discuss how nurses deal with hypertension management in the USA and England. Part B will review different studies regarding hypertension. The reviews will provide information regarding the management of hypertension in the USA and in Spain. Part C will summarize what has been discussed and what was found in the reviews. Part C will also explore what else could be researched on hypertension.
Keywords: Hypertension, Hypertension management, elderly population,
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Over 5 million people are unaware they have high blood pressure (NHS, 2014). It is considered to have high blood pressured when the reading is above 140/90 (NHS, 2014). According to the National Heath Service (NHS), the risk of devolving hypertension increases when the age of 65 or over is reached, are overweight, when living a sedentary lifestyle, or drinking excessive alcohol (NHS, 2014).
Part B
Study #1-Nursing Research Study in the USA
Citation: Rigsby, B. D. (2011). Hypertension Improvement through Healthy Lifestyle Modifications. ABNF Journal, 22(2), 41-43 3p.

What does the guideline address? Clinical questions, issues, sub-issues.
The purpose is to examine the effectiveness of non-pharmacological treatment of high blood pressure control such as healthy eating, exercise, and education (Rigsby,
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What population of patients is the guideline intended to address?
It addresses adults with hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Did the panel use existing SRs or did they conduct their own?
The panel used existing SRs and used meta-analysis for the study.
What clinical outcomes were the guidelines designed to achieve? The reduction of blood pressure and effects of chronic kidney disease symptoms were the goals.
What group or groups produced the guidelines?
The Authors of the Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure produced the guidelines.
What is the date on it and how recent are the cited evidence sources?
It was issued in January-February 2010 and had 24 references with dates up to 1989.
What were the main recommendations?
It has been proven that with lifestyle changes and medication self-management contribute to lower effects of hypertension and chronic kidney disease (Eskridge, 2010). Further research is needed to examine behavioral factors contributing to the self-management of medication and adherence to medication and lifestyle modifications (Eskridge,
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