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Sha’mes Lashawn Handford
Moss Point High School
November 16, 2012

Hypertension is the most chronic medical condition that adults have. This disease affects many organs of the body including the heart, eyes, and kidney. Hypertension can increase with age, weight, and inheritance. Generally, the hypertensive population is increasing but physicians are working on various treatments to prevent and control this disease. Prescription drugs in the United States are highest to adults with hypertension than any other medical cause. Studies show that the
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Officially, malignant hypertension is the most severe hypertension. The lower blood pressure reading is eighty mmHg but malignant blood pressure reading is at a high of 130 mmHg. Malignant hypertension is relatively uncommon, occurring in only one percent of the hypertensive population. It is more common in young African-American men than any other ethical group. Malignant is a blood pressure that is so high that it can actually cause damage to organs, particularly in the nervous system. This is a serious medical emergency that requires immediate care from a doctor or physician (Medline Plus, 2012).
Patients that are diagnosed with hypertension usually are unaware of it. Millions of people are sent home to be monitored for twenty-four hours, after finding out. If someone’s blood pressure is enormously high, he may have certain symptoms. Symptoms can vary from nose bleeds, to chest pains, or even an irregular heartbeat. If patients have these symptoms, they should see a doctor immediately. They could be having a hypertensive crisis, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and or death (Mayo Clinic, 2012).
There are primary care doctors for patients that are hypertensive. Internal medicine physicians, but most people call them Internists. These physicians specialize in the diagnosis and treatments of adult diseases. Family physicians focus more on preventing and treating the disease other than seeing how someone
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