Hypnosis And Meditation At The County Fair

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Hypnosis and meditation. When I think of these two words very vivid, and perhaps stereotyped, images come to mind. For instance, “hypnosis” reminds me of watching a hypnotist at the county fair. I think of how he claimed to “randomly select” ten volunteers from the audience, and sat them in a straight line of folding chairs facing the audience. Throughout his half hour performance he “hypnotized” his volunteers and commanded them to perform odd tasks and act like various barnyard animals. The audience roared with laugher as one man performed the chicken dance with intense gusto. As on the other side of the stage, a woman ran around smelling the armpits of the other volunteers. On the other hand, a starkly different image comes to mind when…show more content…
I also learned the method can be used to treat real medical conditions like high blood pressure and insomnia. The article talked about using the techniques of measured breathing and imagining calming surroundings. Telling you to completely immerse yourself in this scene, and stay there for at least five minutes. The article claims that doing this exercise will improve stress management, confidence, communication skills, performance anxiety, focussing, and clear thinking (SMS). While the benefits sounded fantastic, and I did want to try it, I knew I would have a hard time being able to do this exercise successfully on my own with my busy brain. With this in mind I went searching for a video or audio recording to aid me and guide me through the exercise. I was successful and found a video on YouTube titled, “Relaxation Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis for Stress Management” by Chloe Brotheridge, posted on her channel Easy Ways to Change. In the video, which was primarily an audio recording, a woman’s voice speaks to you and guides you through a hypnosis session to reduce stress. In the beginning she tells you to lie down and close your eyes and to begin focusing on deep breathing. From there she guides you through relaxing and releasing all of your muscles, starting in your toes and going all the way up to your scalp. At this point I felt very relaxed, as well as heavy and light at the same time. She then tells you
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