Hypnosis As A Type Of Mind Control

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Hypnosis is defined as the induction of a state of trance where the individual is susceptible to supposedly involuntary changes in behavior and physical state by the power of suggestion. It is often seen by the public as a trick done by performers for entertainment, and is not often looked at as a legitimate treatment. There are multiple cases of hypnosis being used as a treatment for physical and psychological problems. Many of these cases have had successful results. The perception of hypnosis and its role in society are the focuses of this essay. First, I will explain how hypnosis is done. Then I will explore its different uses in the medical world. Finally I will go over real cases where hypnotherapy was used. Hypnosis is more than a party trick, and has many uses in our society. Hypnosis is seen by the general public as a type of mind control. A common misconception about hypnosis is that you can be forced to do something you would not normally do. In reality, the subject has to allow themselves to be hypnotized or it will not work. It is vital the subject of hypnotism approach it with an open mind. Around 90% of the human population is able to be brought into a hypnotic state. (Brown,1986, p. 3) . Hypnosis is a characterized state which allows for higher focused attention, heightened suggestibility and vivid fantasies.(Wagner). John Kihlstrom, the professor department of Psychology at the University of California, has said “The hypnotist does not hypnotize the
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